DRIVING FORCE for a SUSTAINABLE PROJECT – Policy Making and Regulatory Framework


The importance of sustainability is appreciated commonly by all; however, practice of sustainability is surprisingly uncommon. The driving force behind a sustainable project is cohesion between all the stakeholders; commonality to plan, design and build sustainably. These cohesive forces fail to unite if not initiated right at the inception of a project and subsequently the project misses the mark.

The client, therefore, should be inspired right at inception and design the brief accordingly and the client also needs to have a strong design team with architects and planners to govern the design process and help the client to take an informed decision. Otherwise, they might be misguided to accept inappropriate, incongruous and unworthy solutions.

With the analysis of the latest projects in Rajasthan of similar typology, similar funding mechanism and client setups/ownerships we clearly explicate the difference that an informed client makes in the project. Through our research, we have established that the duly deliberated design brief of the project is mandatory to build sustainable designs and accomplish it successfully.  The projects selected under the framework of analysis are IIM Udaipur, IIT Jodhpur, Cental University Rajasthan and AIIMS Jodhpur. Their comparative investigation depicts the importance of a policy framework for sustainable design. We put forth the realisation that sustainability is a process which has to be driven from the top. Rating systems like GRIHA have brought consciousness, but the policy frameworks like NBC and bye-laws cannot be limited front and rear setbacks and different devised sustainable guidelines for different regions like Hot-Arid etc. need to be systematised.

(# – The paper shall be uploaded in near Future)


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