Crankiness – a trait inherited

via Daily Prompt: Cranky

Architects are born pleasant but developed cranky, partially because of the work stress and remuneration and partially because of the thought process. What they see all-around is nothing but the work, building and details all around are their case studies and natural landscapes are potential sites for upcoming projects. Moreover, the work they see all around is not up to the mark, and they can definitely do way better, but the work that they do is not often executed properly, or clients don’t agree to the solutions or sometimes doesn’t come out as expected. This all leads to stress and dissatisfaction, leading to a cranky being.

Being an architect myself, I believe they should take some time to cherish their life. It’s a wonderful life out there, sit back and relax. I know there is so much going on, and sitting back might lead to delay and eventual fatigue but relaxing does no harm. Details all around definitely need to be observed but it should be taking away the comfort; one should quickly register the same and get back to the normal societal mode. They should treasure and prize their work, they are the ones who are creating things out of nowhere. They are the one developing the world. They are creating a habitat, which becomes home for everyone. They play a very important role in the society, which they need to understand and prize.

At the same time, society also needs to cherish architects, its them who have created a beautiful world out there. They should make sure, they get their due and fair compensation. Otherwise, they would have a place devoid of satisfaction, and it would reflect in their lives; making even them cranky.

While, architects are working on their projects they should also understand that they are not the ultimate users, and therefore, it won’t be them who would be using the project. The project, has to meet the requirements, expectations of the client. It is definitely their duty to educate the client, but ultimately it should be the call of the client/user.

These minor changes in the working system would lead to happiness all around and crankiness would be done away with.


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